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Your Target Marketing

Your Target Marketing is a full service marketing company that stands out from the pack. “How so? Everybody says they are “full service,” but what’s that really mean?” Well, here’s what it means to us. Your Target Marketing:

  • Listens and learns first. We get the facts before we make recommendations. We don’t come to you with guns blazing saying to do this and do that. We don’t offer a one size fits all, cookie cutter marketing campaign. We get the facts from you; we define the market; and we go after that market with a plan customized to your specific situation so you get the best possible results for your marketing dollar.
  • Targets the clients you want. We don’t waste your money or time with broad brush campaigns. We work with you to learn what your clients are all about, and then we design a plan to bring like minded people to your doorstep. We make our marketing efforts count by reaching the right people, not the most people. We don’t want to reach everybody, we work to reach the right people for your business.
  • Keeps you involved and seeks your feedback every step of the way. We know you are the expert on your business, and we rely on your expertise to develop our marketing campaign around you and your business, not around our pre-conceived notions.
  • Use a team of professionals expert in all areas of marketing. This includes traditional methods such as print advertising and direct sales letters, and perhaps more importantly, it emphasizes New Media techniques such as short message services, FaceBook, tweets, phone applications, web design, emails campaigns, and more. New Media provides a more cost effective way to reach the clients you want, and it lends itself to fun and creative ways to get prospects interested in you. We do both.

Your Target Marketing is a full service marketing company. Full service means that we listen to what you want; we develop smart and comprehensive plans to help you achieve your goals; we use every marketing mechanism that makes sense for your situation; and we implement marketing campaigns that bring the results you want.

About Us? No, This Is About You.

Every website has an About Us section. That, however, misses the point. This website is not about us. It’s about you. It’s about who you are, what you want, what you need, and how we can help you get there. Who are you really?

You are a small business owner working unholy hours in tough economic times. You are trying to make ends meet. You know marketing is critical to your business success, but you want to make sure you get great value, not great fluff, for your marketing dollar. You want to measure the success of your marketing campaign, and you want to invest wisely because money is tight. You want a strong return on your investment, and you call Your Target Marketing to help design your campaign.

You are a tavern owner, an accounting firm, a medical practice, a restaurant. You are every kind of business, big and small, that populates the country. You know there’s this thing out there called “New Media” that involves phone applications, text messaging, tweets, FaceBook entries, and more, but you’re not sure how to ride this wave for the benefit of your company. You call Your Target Marketing to learn more.

Who are you really? You’re a person willing to think outside the box and take smart risks. You know that tough times are not the right time to slow down your marketing efforts…that’s the slow path to extinction. You want to reach the right type of clients, clients that are looking for you but don’t it or don’t know you’re there. You know traditional methods of marketing can help, but they’re not the complete answer. You are willing to take a smart, calculated risk, and you call Your Target Marketing for a consult.

We are here for clients just like you. We bring the know-how, the experience, and the creativity to help you create a new generation of clients. We exist to make your life easier and better, and we bring results to your business that last for the long term.


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