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Your Target Marketing

Your Target Marketing is a “full service” marketing company. This is a nice phrase, but what’s it mean for you? For Your Target Marketing, it means we work with you through every stage of your marketing campaign, and we provide all the support you need to make it work. Starting with the vague notion that “I need to do some marketing,” through every level of implementation until final measurement of its success, we have the tools and the talent to bring the results you want. Some of our services are listed below, and they are described more fully in the sections that follow.

  • Identification of prospective clients. No marketing effort can be successful without identifying your target, your prospective client base. This is always step one. We help you define your target prospects, and then we reach out to them. We develop contact lists based on geography, income level, life style information, and a variety of demographics, and then we build a plan to bring you the clients you want, ones that will come back time and again.
  • New Media. This includes iPhone apps, Blackberry, Android applications, Foursquare, text messaging, email management, Facebook entries, and more. This is fun and non-intrusive; a type of marketing that many clients enjoy. Prospects look forward to hearing from you and don’t just angrily delete messages before reading them. This works because you are reaching people who want to hear from you, not people that have no interest in your company.
  • Website development that works. Your website is the front door to and an extension of your business. It’s your welcome mat, and it’s the first place people go to learn more. We make it fun to read, full of information, and easy to navigate. Most importantly, we help you close the deal and bring clients to your business. Your site must say “Welcome,” and we make sure your visitors enjoy stopping by.
  • Graphic design that complements and improves your branding. Websites are more than text. They must be visually stimulating and interesting to look at. We make sure they are. The same concepts apply to your flyers, brochures, logos, and print media. Simply put, we make you visually appealing and memorable.
  • Printing and direct mail services for more traditional applications. We’ll get the list together; address, stuff, and stamp the envelopes, and keep track of results.
  • Traditional marketing to keep your brand alive. This is more oriented toward keeping your existing clients in the fold and making sure your brand stays fresh. It includes such things as print and broadcast media, and it is especially helpful for the company that is already firmly established. We also provide co-op marketing services to help lower the high sticker price of traditional media such as radio advertising.
  • Metrics. It’s not enough to have a marketing campaign. You need to know how well it’s working. We have time proven means to measure who is receiving the information, how they are responding, and what mid-course corrections might be needed. You will measure the final metric, of course, and that’s your bottom line.

Read on to learn more about some of the elements of our campaigns. Not all components apply to all marketing plans. We always mix and match to best effect and to help you control costs. Our goal is not only to bring new business through your front door, our goal is to get you the maximum impact for every dollar you spend.


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